Neil Ward leads the marketing organisation for Illumina in EMEA, is a member of the commercial leadership team, and has worked in the field of genomics for the past 18 years. At Illumina, Neil has worked in many key areas of the company, driving change management and leading commercial teams to deliver successful projects, including the roll-out of next-generation sequencing technologies, such as HiSeq XTM and NovaSeqTM.

He studied in Manchester and has a degree in Biochemistry and an MSc in Bioinformatics. After graduating, Neil worked for four years in the biotech sector as a researcher, mining the initial human genome sequences for new drug targets. Neil moved to a small bioinformatics software company, then joined Agilent in 2004. Neil has worked for Illumina for 10 years, in various senior roles.

Whole-genome sequencing: a universal test for genetic disorders?

Neil Ward explains how improvements in technology and chemistry have led to significant advances in the cost and speed of whole-genome sequencing, and what is now made possible by this progress.

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