Romina Oxborough

Romina Oxborough has a wealth of experience in the managed access/early access field, having advised biopharmaceutical companies on policy, strategy and operationalisation of programmes to provide ethical, fair and compliant supply for many years. She has extensive experience in drug safety and medical information, having been responsible for those functions before her present position.

Romina heads an international team of consultants and data experts. In addition to providing consultancy services, her team supports the strategy and implementation of real-world evidence generation during the lifecycle of their client’s assets. Romina holds a PhD and an MBA, and has co-authored over 20 international peer-reviewed publications and several conference abstracts and presentations.

Lucia von Bredow

Lucia von Bredow has substantial experience of devising patient engagement strategies in the area of access to medicines, and has a background as a commercial lawyer in the healthcare and life sciences field. She has worked across a variety of therapeutic areas on both sides of the table – advising industry, but also representing a number of patient advocacy groups throughout the R&D pipeline. She comes to Clinigen from a medical research charity, where she was head of stakeholder relations in the medical directorate. In addition to holding an LLB in Law, a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Law School), and with experience as a qualified solicitor, Lucia also has a Masters of Law in European and International Business Law (an LLM focusing on intellectual property in R&D), and a postgraduate qualification in bioethics (medical ethics and data sharing).

Bridging the access gap

Romina Oxborough and Lucia von Bredow talk about the routes that are available to patients when a medicine is not readily accessible.

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