You have told us how doctors can make you nervous and get to you – here are just a few of them.

The crucial thing about this list is to show you you are not alone. And hopefully, with the help of the next two sections, How to handle a doctor’s appointment and Appointment checklist: before you leave the consultation, you’ll be better equipped to deal with these types of situations if they arise.

Here’s what you didn’t like:

  • Withholding information or giving information in a cold or tactless manner
  • Raising his or her voice
  • “Talking down” to you
  • Using medical terms unfamiliar to you and not explaining them
  • Holding discussions with you whilst standing in the doorway, signalling he or she is really too busy to give you the time you need
  • Discussing serious or personal matters with you and your family or child in busy public places like waiting rooms
  • Pressing you to make serious medical decisions without adequate knowledge or time to think about it
  • Not making available paper and pens in the waiting and consultation rooms to enable you to organise your questions and take notes